For all those yearning for the lore of the Mother Garden, and all those willing to listen for her whisper.

For all who have glimpsed a vision of life more beautiful, resonant, abundant, and true.

For all those willing to improvise in the dance of growing our future together.


The Earth calls us to recognize her state of transition. Drought, fire, desertification, & disconnection have become part of our modern experience, yet we know there are powerful solutions close at hand.

We are responsible for the health of our selves, the land, and our communities.

We believe in our collective capacity to harmonize with the Earth.

Now is our time to practice. Come participate in our story of regeneration.


The Experience Includes 2 Parts:

Mother Garden Immersion + Mother Garden Gathering

  • We will begin with the 6-day Mother Garden Immersion at Sweet Spot Farm: full of experiential learning, camping under the stars and connection with a regenerative community.

  • Each day we will dive deep into Holistic Lifestyle practice, including intuitive movement, elemental embodiment, cooking and herbal wisdom, communion with the land, honoring ancestors, the art of death and re-birth, and connection with a community of individuals devoted to their service to the Earth and each other.

  • Expert bio-regional instructors will daily teach curated selections from the Permaculture Design course curriculum, catered specifically to patterns in west coast agroecology.  These teachings are perfect for anyone interested in understanding how to work with the Earth more deeply, from the backyard gardener to seasoned farmer or permaculture enthusiast.

  • Our nourishment will be 3 exemplary, local, organic meals a day, lovingly prepared, ceremonially shared.

  • We will explore our creativity collaborating on an evolving land art installation.

  • Finally we close with the 3-day Mother Garden Gathering : a Celebration of Regeneration, where we invite the local community to join etc.



A Balanced integration of

Earth + Food + Body


Earth Stewardship

In the Mother Garden, we believe that small regenerative farms can be a vehicle to initiate a healing relationship between people and the planet.

This unique course offers curated highlights from the permaculture design course curriculum, tuned to the California climate in the context of a small community farm.


Ceremonial Nutrition

Together we will take this opportunity to honor our bodies and our ancestral lineage as people of the Earth through mealtime.

Creating the space to slow down and become fully present and engaged in the moment.

Immersing in the traditional, ritual, and ceremony of Ancestral Kitchen Arts we will practice knowing our food as medicine, fermentation, herbalism, and celebration.


Integrative Embodiment

We share an invitation to move with liberated expression and connection to ourselves and our environment. Our bodies are meant to move and shake up  stagnant energy so that we can feel what needs to be composted and what needs to be activated.

We will practice connecting to our intuition and giving our body’s wisdom a means of embodied expression through Yoga, Dance, Breathwork, and Somatic Awareness.


Meet the Instructors

With a diverse team of experts sharing the work of teaching, this course offers a broad spectrum of wisdom in the arts of earth stewardship and regenerative lifestyle.

The course will be cradled in the warm and transcendent embrace of Sweet Spot Farm’s mama bear Centehua Sage. Permaculture instructors Loren Luyendyk and Connor Jones will lead the discussions into earth care and land stewardship. Nutritional wisdom and ancestral kitchen arts will be hosted, demonstrated, and generously prepared by Holly Jean Montoya, Tyler Hess, and Ronnie Mccord. Sensitive and attuned leadership in the practice of yoga and care of the body will be shared by James Kapicka. Supporting discussions into the geekery of Earth Stewardship and collaborative entrepreneurship will be shared by Erik Hjermstad, Nick Lake, Andrew Hammerstein, Dennis Sharmahd, & more! Learn more about the instructors below:

“Owning responsibility for ourselves and how we engage with the earth gives us a deep sense of rootedness, integrity and fierce authenticity.”  -Centehua

“Owning responsibility for ourselves and how we engage with the earth gives us a deep sense of rootedness, integrity and fierce authenticity.”


Centehua SaGe

Centehua Sage is a mother, dancer, herbalist and full spectrum doula. She is a movement artist and creator of Elemental Embodiment- a five week course in embodied liberated expression. Her passion is to help people connect to their bodies and to the earth through food, movement and ritual. Her gift is to dance in service to Gaia, and reclaim the art of birthing and dying in order to inspire a true regenerative culture. She currently offers classes in the San Diego area and on her online platform.


Loren Luyendyk

Loren Luyendyk is a Certified Arborist and Permaculture Educator, with 20 years of practical experience in permaculture design, sustainability, and horticulture. He graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 1997 with a degree in Botany, specializing in native plants. Loren has experience in the fields of Organic and Biodynamic Farming, Arboriculture, Agroecology, Keyline® Design, Holistic Management, natural building, and soil microbiology. He has operated an ecological landscape services business in Santa Barbara called Santa Barbara Organics since 1999 (, offering landscape design and consultation. He also operates a small-scale nursery specializing in edible and useful plants. He is a founding partner of Permaculture Design International (, an international permaculture design firm, with the express goal of increasing the professionalism and adoption of permaculture globally.

Holly Jean Montoya

Holly Jean Montoya is a cultural chameleon and traditional maker living in Taos, New Mexico.

Of Colombian, Okinawan & Irish roots, her work is deeply inspired by the ones who came before her. A student of the Earth, plant woman, woodworker and breath work guide, her path in life is to become quiet enough to hear the voices of the nature spirits around her.

I am a seeker and lover of radical truths
Innumerable Worlds
Remembering long lost layers
of Earth song.


Connor Jones

Connor is a Permaculture Educator and Design Consultant. He manages East End Eden, a ten acre permaculture demonstration site in Ojai, Ca. At East End Eden he offers farm tours and workshops including the 72 hour Permaculture Design Certificate Course as well as other specialty courses. Much of his focus has been on homestead design, mediterranean agroforestry tree selection and propagation, earthworks for water harvesting, and intensive livestock rotation systems. His passion for ecological engagement and observation began at a very young age and evolved through time and experience to become an integrated worldview and lifestyle that now places him at the center of a functional and diverse human-centric ecosystem.

James Kapicka Dragonfly hq.jpg

James Kapicka

James Kapicka (E-RYT 200, RYT 500) is a movement facilitator, yoga teacher and Thai massage practitioner with a passion for bringing people together to celebrate, learn and connect. He offers sacred yoga ceremonies to facilitate personal growth and community healing through the unconditionally giving of authentic-self in a way that protects innocence and promotes curiosity, exploration and expression. Through sincere and heartfelt expression, James creates an environment that empowers students to embody their integrity, trust their intuition and listen to their heart. His classes, workshops, and events center on profound re-evolutionary change both within and in how we exist in society and in our relationship with Mother Earth.

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Tyler Hess

Tyler Hess is a healer of soil, soul & society. A certified permaculture designer, Work That Reconnects facilitator, and Way of Council space holder, Tyler interweaves ecological and social regeneration, offering "Soil & Soul Culinary Experiences" to re-enchant our relationship to both the sacred earth and our unique soul mission through transformational food journeys. For eight years, he has traveled the country, apprenticing at many permaculture farms, homesteads, and intentional communities. Currently based in Oakland, Tyler lives at Canticle Farm, a 6 house, 30 person intergenerational, interracial, interfaith urban intentional community, that sits at the intersection of earth stewardship, social justice, and integral spirituality. Humbly walking on stolen land, Tyler welcomes relationship and guidance from all so called.


Ron McCord

Ronnie McCord fell down the horticultural rabbit hole about 7 years ago, after a six week trip to Africa. Soon after that trip Ron began his company called Feed The Soil which teaches people how to quickly turn depleted soils into thriving ecosystems. He is also an avid cook whose love for worldly cuisine inspires him to grow a wide variety of edible plants, fruits and vegetables. Growing up in inner city Los Angeles gave him a strong desire to help underserved and at risk members of his community, for over three years Ron taught horticulture in the juvenile court and community schools of San Diego (JCCS). He is now working on projects that tie his passions together.


Nick Lake

Nick Lake is an artist turned ecologist. His love for creating immersive, conceptual sculptural installations in art galleries evolved to include the craft of growing biological, ecologically regenerative "sculptures" that might otherwise be called farms. Nick is the founder of Earth Ecology, LLC, a landscape design, education, & installation company in Portland Oregon offering large and small scale ecosystem transformations, and a founding member of Sweet Spot Farms, LLC. His land stewardship work may be considered a devotional practice that aims to shape spaces that facilitate ever deepening perception of nature’s wisdom.


Andrew Hammerstein

Andrew has a background in small-diversified organic and biodynamic vegetable production. He has worked on small organic farms around the world. He began his studies at UCSC’s Center for Agro-Ecology and Sustainable Food, he founded a small Biodynamic CSA in San Diego in 2015 and is a Lead Farmer here at Sweet Spot Farm. 2 years ago he helped found Sweet Spot Farm’s Turmeric Production Experiment. He is passionate about Small scale organic farming and believes that balanced and nutrient rich food can enliven people’s lives and spirit and that our farming practices can create a land based relationship with nature that facilitates health and balance in our cultures.


Erik Hjermstad

Erik Hjermstad is a Gardener and lifelong resident of San Diego. He has been inspired throughout his adulthood to generate an understanding of how one may achieve health and wellness in one’s life. As a designer in his heart, he is fascinated by the challenge of creating healthy ecologies, amidst a world facing grave challenges.  Erik knows that the scale of the solutions necessary for our planet will require healthy collaborative organizations to create them. Erik has passionately engaged to find organizational practices by which groups of individuals can legally and fairly collaborate with one another in regenerative endeavors.



San Diego County - Ramona, CA


Our Offering

An opportunity to live on the farm,

Harvest and Eat from the Land,

Practice Designing & Stewarding Landscapes,

Feel Embodied & Empowered to take on the Future with Wisdom, Grace, Discernment, and Skill.

Practice Living in the Spirit of Collaboration, and Joyful Participation with the Web of Life.


What Have We Created?

We believe in the magic of gathering in community to create collaborative living and learning experiences.

We asked ourselves, “What feels relevant to explore more deeply at this time?” We wondered, “As practicing earth stewards ourselves, what could we be practicing more?”

We realized, if we bring together a diverse group of wellness facilitators, ancestral kitchen artists, and practicing land stewards to teach in collaboration, we might achieve the balanced, vital, and powerful kind of learning experience we feel is necessary in this time.

We decided to focus on curated highlights from the amazing, yet broad Permaculture Design Course (PDC) curriculum, combined with focus on the embodiment arts + ancestral kitchen arts to create a class focused more to the context of our emerging West Coast community. We’ve consulted with each other in council, we’ve allowed our passion to guide us, and we’ve joined in collaboration to offer a truly unique, immersive, diverse, and integrated learning opportunity.


What can you expect?

Together we will examine our ordinary daily rituals, like:

Moving In Our Bodies,

Finding Food In the World,

and Eating!

We’ll find ways to optimize our movement through life by practicing the way we connect with the land we eat from, the body we live in, and the people we love.

Our goal is to facilitate this connection with our bodies and with the earth in a harmonic, symbiotic relationship.

How might your life change after nine days of eating medicinally sourced and prepared food?

How might your life change after nine days of tender and exuberant care of your own body?

How might your life change after nine days of focused and relevant experiential learning in the garden?

This is our offering: A deeply integrated educational experience exploring our individual and collective context, and the ideas, tools, skills, and practices that may assist us to design and practice a healthy life for ourselves and our loved ones, for generations.